Prior to the advent of instant messaging services that we have around today, SBCGlobal Mail was set up to create a means for people to check their email accounts from any computer in the world regardless of their location. This came in response to the situation in the recent past when a lot people miss important emails and cannot respond to them promptly because they had to stay away from their computers in order to attend to other matters. SBCGlobal was timely in bridging this gap as it made it possible to access emails even from public computers. This is one invention that the whole world received with showers of accolades on SBCGlobal.

Accessing Your SBCGlobal Mailbox from a Remote Computer

In order to access your email account with SBCGlobal Mail, only a few simple steps are required to be taken. You will have to provide your login details, including the username and password, and select among the list in the drop down menu. Follow this, by clicking on the sign-in button, you will be able to manage your email account just as you would have done on your personal computer at home. In addition, you would be able to compose and send emails, read your new emails and view attachments as well. That is, you will have the same permission to perform any operation in your mailbox as you would have done on your personal computer.

However, the most important point to remember while accessing your email account from a computer other from your personal computer is to ensure that you log off in order to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your personal email contents. This is an important security measure which if not observed, could cause an irreparable breech of privacy and loss of information. Meanwhile, for those using a public computer (such as the one located in a library) to access their email account, it is advisable to observe even more security precautions. This can be done by clicking on “Internet Options” to delete the entire browsing history when you are through with the system in order to protect your SBCGlobal Mail account from prying eyes. This can never be overemphasized. Even if you do not have any important information in your mailbox, you can protect yourself by not allowing someone else to use your account for dubious purposes. Always remember that the same level of security consciousness is required on the internet as it is offline.

The Present State of SBCGlobal Mail

While passing through the dunes of time, SBCGlobal Mail merged with Yahoo in order to strengthen and make the former more functional and responsive to the modern day demands of its users. This merger has kept SBCGlobal abreast with other major email service providers that can be found around today. With the new SBC, users can have their My Yahoo page setup, and also have access to other services provided by Yahoo. All these can still be achieved with your SBCGlobal Mail login details.

With the world moving at an amazing speed and energy, the IT industry has gone a far distance and this has made it a competitive place for the teeming players present in there. For this reason, it is definitely some good news to know that the early players like SBCGlobal are still working day and night to keep up with some new challenges emerging in the technology world. This is the exact reason why SBCGlobal Mail has remained effective and relevant – checking out their features and advantages will be a very good idea!